A Real and Beautiful..

A Real and Beautiful

A real and beautiful life to you is…

As we approach 2019, let’s keep it real. For many, 2018 was quite a year, keep what you wish to remember, and discard the rest. I wrote this post a few years back, but always relevant!!

What does a real and beautiful life look like to you? Your design may be different than mine.

We all have hopes, wishes, and dreams. Some more simple, and others more grand and complex in nature.

Whatever they may be, let’s intend on them being ours, truly ours, and original to us. The ones that resonate within our souls. And are in alignment with our values, convictions, and desires. Let’s be our own agents of change and ambassadors in our new year​.

Care for your soul, maintain your strength. The clock continues to tick, and we need to be assured that we don’t give up on anything or anyone, especially ourselves.

Continue to tend to your desires. Keep on goin’.

Be filled with love in all that you do. Life moves much too quickly to be withholding.

Keep the faith!Happy New Year to all!!


I believe..

I believe that everything we want to experience in Life is usually just a “Step Beyond” our comfort zone.

I believe that when we awaken, no matter what happened the day before, we can Begin anew.

I believe we have to have faith in Life; without it, we perish.

I believe in keeping things simple; often times, we complicate what’s very simple at its core.

I believe that we must keep a childlike wonder in order to achieve our dreams, no matter what.

I believe as the infamous Zig Ziglar shared, “Your attitude will determine your altitude.”

I believe resilience is necessary to master your life & you’ve got to practice those “muscles” everyday.

I believe that you are ONLY as great as the people who stand beside you & can only accomplish great things if you give yourself permission.

I believe that there are people who will lead you to feelings of “Less than” or people who lead you to the feelings of “Greater than”; choose wisely, it will alter your life.

I believe that unforgiveness destroys more lives than can be counted.

I wish you all a bright and beautiful week~

© Doorstepwisdom


A fulfilling life. Listen closely to the gentle whispers throughout the day, and night. Awaken your imagination. What does a fulfilling life look like to you? If you’re not already living it, ask yourself, “How can I start building, planning and experiencing it?” Who and what surrounds you? A small, simple step is all you need. Step by step, brick by brick, you will travel to your places of fulfillment. You have incredible will within you. Perhaps its been overshadowed a bit lately? It’s there, it never disappears, don’t worry. Consider it on hiatus if need be.

Everything in life takes time. Once reawakened, the strength of your will is immovable. Impervious to doubts and fears. Summon your courage. Get hopeful, anticipate beauty, wonder, and success. However you may define it, it’s up to you. Special days await you!

Have a splendid week, Sandra

And then..

And then we get to this place. So much is unfamiliar. Many participants in the story have changed. A few are still in our company, many are not. New places and faces appear. We’re not readily accepting it, from a heart centered place, anyway. But in the corners of our minds, we know it’s time.

It’s time for renewal and change. As we reflect and review, many wonderful memories revisit our minds. It was magical and brought joy, and at times sorrow.
As we inch our way forward, we recognize the ever changing tides, it’s time now.
Move along with a faithful heart. Open your arms to the newness and joy. Upcoming, miraculous chapters await!

Refrain from worry, the beautiful memories will forever remain illuminated in your heart.

Have a joyous week all!


Designing A Life

Designing a Life. Building a home. In a way, there are similarities. We think. Gather our ideas about what we like, and how we’d like to live.  We envision it. We gather our “materials.” We take steps, both big and small. Along the way, some things go as planned, and some do not.

In some cases, we decide to make a change or two. Or, things may change for us. Some naturally, and some not. We, after much thought, decide to find a new floor plan, a more experienced architect, realizing we’d like to now create something different. It’s time. Here comes another day, and we begin again. Gather new materials, take the best of our earlier home design, and the best relationships, memories, and experiences, and begin to create a new space for us and them. Always remember, quality counts.

With a strong sense of self, faith, and optimism, we carry a light within us. It’s illuminated. Let’s continue forward in strength. The sky is the limit, in all areas of life. Continue on!

Have a lovely day, Sandra

A few words

A few words that came to mind this morning. Resonance and Mission. They are by no means interchangeable​, but their definitions are similarly powerful. If it resonates well in your belly, your soul, you don’t need to think about it so much. The likelihood​ of success is high, when it comes naturally, joyfully, there’s an inner ease about it. I’m not implying there won’t be any challenges ahead, those are part of life. But it just resonates.

If it’s a strong mission that you have, then it’s most likely aligned with your values and desires. Also indicating a high level of success, however you define it. Sometimes our missions are known from the beginning of our lives, and sometimes not. We all, though, have core values. We know what “rings true” for us. Be patient if you haven’t felt or figured out what resonates best or what your mission is in life. In time, it’ll become more clear. And if it changes, that’s okay. We’re all learners, teachers, and facilitators.

The key is to stay in faith, stay in resonance, and stay confident in finding what’s true for you.

Have a great week everyone,


Our thermostats

Our thermostats may read differently. When we enter a new place, resurrect an old alliance, or begin anew in an unfamiliar direction, how we all experience this may vary. Your temperature may be set on 65, and mine on 55. I am not sure if I should bring a scarf, a sweater, or wear a cotton t shirt. Of course, we all need to feel comfortable when entering a new “place.” Usually, though, we don’t! It’s in the discomfort that we are growing, expanding and evolving.

With different degrees, it’s often difficult for people to find equilibrium, maybe at first. In jobs, relationships, and alliances of any kind. Someone may have to turn it down a few notches, while the other may have to turn it up a bit, until we reach a state of compromise and ease. But there is always a choice to be made, and, most importantly, a willingness. If we get really lucky, it happens rather quickly. Great things, though, take energy, time and desire.

In every area of life, we all travel at different speeds, varying levels of intensity. None of us are exactly the same. What matters is that there is truly a measure of willingness and maturity to “give it a go” or not. My guess is that at the end of every day, what we most want is to be heard, understood, respected and appreciated. And to acknowledge whether or not we are committed to adjusting our “temperatures.” If not, it’s okay. We are continuously adjusting to something, somewhere or someone, this is part of life!

Have a peaceful, fun and evolutionary week, if these can all be accomplished at once!

Enjoy, Sandra