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A little bit about me.

It’s always been part of my mission to make a situation brighter or better than I found it in any way I can. To empower, uplift and guide others to a new way, even when they cannot see one. It affects me to see the underpowered become overpowered. I’ve had many experiences of my own which have led me on this path, great ones and not so great, I’m sure you can relate!  I’ve had many years of experience in education, Health and Wellness, and business over the years. My most acclaimed role is being a Mom of two beautiful kids! I’ve recognized that what may mean very little to me, may mean the world to someone else, especially a child. My kids have taught me much more about what’s important in life, than any other role I’ve had. As a Life Coach, Writer and Speaker, it’s my intention to help others live better, happier and more fulfilling lives!

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Sandra DiBona