A fulfilling life. Listen closely to the gentle whispers throughout the day, and night. Awaken your imagination. What does a fulfilling life look like to you? If you’re not already living it, ask yourself, “How can I start building, planning and experiencing it?” Who and what surrounds you? A small, simple step is all you need. Step by step, brick by brick, you will travel to your places of fulfillment. You have incredible will within you. Perhaps its been overshadowed a bit lately? It’s there, it never disappears, don’t worry. Consider it on hiatus if need be.

Everything in life takes time. Once reawakened, the strength of your will is immovable. Impervious to doubts and fears. Summon your courage. Get hopeful, anticipate beauty, wonder, and success. However you may define it, it’s up to you. Special days await you!

Have a splendid week, Sandra

And then..

And then we get to this place. So much is unfamiliar. Many participants in the story have changed. A few are still in our company, many are not. New places and faces appear. We’re not readily accepting it, from a heart centered place, anyway. But in the corners of our minds, we know it’s time.

It’s time for renewal and change. As we reflect and review, many wonderful memories revisit our minds. It was magical and brought joy, and at times sorrow.
As we inch our way forward, we recognize the ever changing tides, it’s time now.
Move along with a faithful heart. Open your arms to the newness and joy. Upcoming, miraculous chapters await!

Refrain from worry, the beautiful memories will forever remain illuminated in your heart.

Have a joyous week all!