Designing A Life

Designing a Life. Building a home. In a way, there are similarities. We think. Gather our ideas about what we like, and how we’d like to live.  We envision it. We gather our “materials.” We take steps, both big and small. Along the way, some things go as planned, and some do not.

In some cases, we decide to make a change or two. Or, things may change for us. Some naturally, and some not. We, after much thought, decide to find a new floor plan, a more experienced architect, realizing we’d like to now create something different. It’s time. Here comes another day, and we begin again. Gather new materials, take the best of our earlier home design, and the best relationships, memories, and experiences, and begin to create a new space for us and them. Always remember, quality counts.

With a strong sense of self, faith, and optimism, we carry a light within us. It’s illuminated. Let’s continue forward in strength. The sky is the limit, in all areas of life. Continue on!

Have a lovely day, Sandra