A Natural Progression

A natural progression. An evolution. We are continuously growing, learning, and changing. It’s an evolutionary process. The speed and rate of the metamorphosis varies among us all. We are unfolding, transforming, and living more fresh, and unencumbered days. It’s an intricate process, sometimes woven so perfectly, with the ideal blend of fabrics. Sometimes not, it’s a bit more complex, and the weave is slightly tangled and mismatched.

Keep going and growing, with the hopes of reaching your greatest creations, blends, and states of bliss. New levels of awareness are reached, and states of peace. There’s no attachment, no holds, not on anyone, anywhere. Our unique design will always have its place and purpose in this world. It may not be created effortlessly at first, maybe some trials are needed along the way, to create a better version. Whether we realize it or not, we are always influencing, and affecting someone, somewhere, positively or not.

We have our days when we may stumble a bit, slip and fall. Then there’s another, we get back up, keep walking, and begin the maturation and evolutionary process all over again. As many of us know, this is an everyday “work out.” Not a one time agreement, but a lifetime of them with yourself and others. So keep on going. Keep on evolving, and weaving those fabrics as beautifully as you can. Undo the tangles, stitch by stitch. It’s okay. Today is here, and how wonderful is it that we are here to live, create, and love again?!

Have a beautiful week everybody, Sandra

Our Minds

Our minds. As the sun sets each day, we are a collection of our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Similar to a whiteboard, smart board, or chalkboard, depending on your generation. Our minds are filled, covered and crowded with thoughts. Becoming jumbled, and rather confusing some days. They can truly weigh us down, or set us free. It’s always our decision. No, not easy. Treat it similarly to a whiteboard. Grab the erasers at the end of each day and clear it up as best you can.

Maintain and contain what was best, let go of the rest. The sun will rise again, and we’ll begin anew. We’re blessed to have the chance again. New learning,┬áloving, and new lesson plans. Meet and greet your new day with pure expectations of beauty, clarity and goodness.

Have a wonderful weekend, Sandra

Set Sail…

You’ve set sail. The forecast is in, choppy waters may be ahead. Have you changed your mind now, or do you continue to embark on your new adventure? Inevitably, as we’re sailing through life, we’re bound to experience some unsettled waters. But what we all can be certain about is that at some point, the choppiness will subside. Calm waters will soon arrive. Yes, it’s a bit uncomfortable, isn’t it? Ensure you have some supplies, and some reliable, upstanding people by your side. Continue to prevail. Sail ahead.

Because after the calmness, you’ll be approaching fertile land. It’s quite beautiful. The richness of the landscape, the people, and the vegetation too.

Ahhh, aren’t you pleased you didn’t turn around and give up? Me too! Congratulations, you are worthy of living well, living fulfilled, free, and filled with joy. Hope to see you here soon!

Have a lovely journey, Sandra