Turning points

Turning points in our lives. We all reach breakthrough moments, or “Destiny Points.”

It’s a time of change, usually brought on by us or others, or life itself. We continue to grow, forge ahead, and gain wisdom through our trials. Moments of fear exist in all of us. It’s in our human fabric. None of us are exempt from it. Can you feel moments of fear? Asking yourself, “What’s it going to be like?” Can someone out there please provide a guarantee?

It’s how we travel through it that determines the quality of our lives. Weed your mind from worry, and weights that bring in weakness.  Carry your courage closely. Lift your head, and continue taking your steps. Sometimes it’s not easy to do.  Let go of all the “let downs.”

Life truly is on your side. You’ve reached a pinnacle point. Reach for pieces of unbridled joy in your heart, reach far and wide. Open up to greater possibilities. It’s your new day. Hold  onto it. Live it. Love it! Life will be okay, perfectly orchestrated in your favor.

Better days are coming.

Have a beautiful week, Sandra


Attitudes. Contagious and Insidious. Uplifting and energizing, or depleting and demoralizing. Serve us hope or hopelessness. Strengthen or weaken. Bring expansion to our visions and abilities, or cause them to atrophy. Which side do you stand on? Which words do you speak, feel, and share? Watch them closely. They are powerful, revealing, and revolutionary.

Yes, everyone has down moments, scares, and disappointments. Don’t let them become a hinderance, a block to enjoying your days. Get going with more faith, and positivity. Bring it in! Invite the most precious, beautiful souls to navigate you in the best directions. Steer clear of the dreary and weary. They’ll rob you of your days. Honor your life, and the lives of others. Grab your compass and Go.

Have a special week, Sandra


Glimmers of hope. We grab them. Miraculous encounters, we cherish and long for them. Unwavering acts of kindness, we are humbled by them. Unquenchable love. Hold on to these. Allow the visions of beauty, love, and goodness to radiate within and around you. Welcome it all, share it, and invite it to move you forward. Seconds slip by, relish and cherish them. Create in them. Find joy in them.

Wherever you are now, embrace it. Within you, there’s light. It may feel a bit dimmed at times. You will once again shine it. Share it.  Even in the most difficult moments, flickers of it,  glimmers, and pieces of joy and hope will catapult you forward.  Keep your visions  magnificent, miraculous and filled with faith. Your life has tremendous value.

Have a beautiful day, Sandra



Excellence. Reverence. Respect. We all admire it. It inspires us. When someone invests, dedicates, and reveres in what he/she is doing or being. It reflects. It takes time. Can you apply these words to your passions, connections, places and people?

Give it some thought. We travel through life once, as far as I know. Promise yourself you will adhere to standards of living, sharing, embracing and working; with the best virtues. Apply these words in your daily life. Whether it’s a simple, or monumental task, or a small interaction, hold yourself in high regard, and others as well. Ensure you are always valued and respected by those who surround you. Carry it within you. Time is much too precious to spare. Be alongside those who hold you in the light, and love to see you shine. And for those who don’t, you are learning what feels right and what does not.

Insights and epiphanies come in time, at different moments. It can take a bit of time to realize where you’d like to be. Follow the road to excellence, respect and admiration for all that embodies you, and all who encounter you.

Have an excellent week!


Spaces in Between

Spaces in between. They elude us, while serving to move us. Not easy. We toss and turn. Look to the left, to the right. We look in front of us, then behind.

We’re a bit uncertain. Every turn we take results in a completely different outcome. Which is better, or the best of all? We don’t always know with 100% certainty, do we? Be weary of those who profess to have all of the answers. Maybe they have them, maybe they don’t. Perhaps it’s best to gather the messages of those you trust, and then trust your inner self. Press pause. Place yourself quietly in prayer (if you pray), or go into nature. Whatever suits you.

If you slow down, reflect, the answer may become clearer. If not now, over time. Life never affords us guarantees. One thing is for sure, you’ll never move forward if you stay in between. It has it’s place, it’s part of a chapter, but it’ll never help you complete the story.

We all need to make our decisions, at some point. Everyday counts. Keep your faith, and let life unfold before your eyes.

Have a beautiful week, Sandra

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