It’s Just…

Just a journey. It’s what we all share. We question. Triumph. Feel joy and despair. We wonder what’s next. We lend strength to others. And at times, borrow it.

It is just a journey. Yes, we need others. A witness to our lives. A true confidante, who loves your stories, and you theirs. Let’s do what we can to make someone’s journey a little brighter. A little better. Not just our own. When we lift up others, as well as ourselves, we all reach a more beautiful space to share. Truly.

Make someone’s day. And don’t forget to include your own.

Cheers to an enlightened ride,


Hold Steady

You’ve put in a valiant effort. More than you imagined possible. Results haven’t appeared yet, on the outside, anyway. You are stronger than you realized, aren’t you? Continue to gather your fertilizer, tend to your garden. It has been tended to and sown.

Exhaustion has set in. It’s temporary. Don’t worry. Take a breath, or two, and a break. Just as it takes many years for a bamboo tree to grow and appear after it’s been planted; the same is true for your goals. Hopefully sooner than the bamboo! A year, a few months, or maybe even next week. Who knows.

Hold steady, my friend. Keep your head up. Everything will become brighter. In time. Moments move quickly, and the glorious mountains will soon appear.

Have a sweet day, Sandra

Life is..

Heroic. Heartfelt. Humbling. Heart wrenching and humiliating at times. It’s part of humanity. To have these experiences keeps us connected, and keeps us human. No better, no worse.  There’s  always goodness in the midst of hurt and pain. Decency. A heroic act, one who goes beyond the call.

Keep strong. Hold on with hope, and harness your heart with forward momentum.

Life is beautiful, fragile and filled with millions of moments. Some that take our breath away in a good way, and others that don’t.

Embrace every breath. Live your life fully. Give your goodness. Carry the light.

Wishing you peace, Sandra

Every little thing…

Every little thing matters. Every person. Whether it’s the mechanic who helped you get to work today, your friend who listened without judgement, or the coffee shop owner who pleasantly wished you a great day. It all makes a difference. Every small moment leads to the big one. They make us, or at times, attempt to break us, and our whole day. Don’t let them.
Whether they’re all good, or not so good. Always make your best effort to do your part. Be the light. Be the pleasant. Be the appreciative one. It’s not always easy, I know. Give it a go. Moments move fast. They are elusive. We dismiss and miss them. Savor them as best you can. Make the most out of where you are now. Even if it’s not just as you’d like it. It’s designing your footsteps elegantly to get you to your next goalpost.
Embrace your day, Sandra

Step out

Maybe it’s time to take a seat in the front row, or better yet, take center stage. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see you from back there.You have so much to see and share. Everything looks so much brighter now, doesn’t it? Much more colorful, vivid and bright. Do you feel better? Don’t worry, there will always be critics, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have self conviction. You have an inner flame that no one will diminish.  I hope you enjoy being in your new space. Let’s go for a lovely ride! Hold on. Keep Faithful, life is getting better. Don’t hide your gifts, or your presence. You are needed in this world!

Have a beautiful day, Sandra


Let’s Go

No regrets. Rise up. Wash away all that’s troubled you. Take a step forward. And then another. Here’s to new beginnings. It can be the most exciting chapter, give it some energy, some love, and some good ole’ faith. Who’s still standing beside you? One, two, three, or many more? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are true to yourself and others. What matters is that whomever surrounds you  is genuine, good, and real. Release what and who is not good for you. What matters is loyalty, decency and that you live with conviction.

Be real. Be transparent. No more tolerance for less than. It all starts now, this very minute. Let’s go.

A new life, it begins today, Sandra


© Doorstepwisdom

21 Days

It’s a new day. Grab your canvas, your pen, or your watercolors, and begin again. Create as though you have no doubts in your heart. You can and will move forward in a magical way. Greater than you can imagine. Can you think like this for 21 days? It’s been proven that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. I wonder what will happen if you speak kindly, confidently and powerfully to yourself. Instead of berating yourself, and diminishing your value, raise the bar. Start today, act as though you are your best friend in the world, not your own worst critic. Just try it.

I’d love to know how your life can move forward in a more beautiful direction. I have faith in you, but most important is that you do.

Have a beautiful day, Sandra


© Doorstepwisdom