Life really is vast and limitless, isn’t it? What do you believe? At the end of each day, we are the only ones who manage our mindsets. Yes, it is us. Of course, at times, there are life events, illnesses, set backs and unplanned circumstances that may temporarily place us in a pause. Frustrate us. Exhaust us. Frighten us. For whatever reason, we don’t always know. Sometimes there are lightbulb moments, and other times, not one. One thing is for certain, we learn, we grow, we become better people despite our challenges, if we choose. There is always a choice.

Keep faith in yourself, and in others. Embrace new surroundings, and new directions if that’s what it takes. Please don’t give up, not ever.We are here, all here, for a great purpose.

I hope that you find joy and goodness in your everyday moments, and continue to reach for a life of limitless joy, faith and wonderful experiences.

Have a great weekend, Sandra

Tips on Tuesday


1. Know your value, be good to yourself and be good to others

2. Forgive, it frees you from a clouded future

3. Know that you have a destiny; God has given you talents and gifts that the world truly needs and can benefit from; never discount that you are here for a wonderful purpose

4. Every morning and every night, give thanks; a grateful heart has a greater chance of joy

5. Delays are not denials, and detours will never keep us from our destiny

6. We all mess up at times, and have mishaps.  Go easy on yourself, never turn your back on you, be your friend, never your enemy

7. Trust your instincts

8. Respect differences in others; but know what your values are, you dont ever have to alter them to gain acceptance or approval

10. Do your best and your part in Life

11. Never give up hope, keep doing your part, miracles can happen!

Have a great week, Sandra

A Little More Happy

Do you need a little more “Happy” in your life? Sometimes in life, we find ourselves lost, and overworked. We forget the simple things that makes us happy. Life is too short to ignore our need for joyful moments.

What did you love when you were a kid? Was there something you did naturally that you got lost in for hours? Start with basic things. It always helps to bring yourself back to a place of centeredness. Reach out to a friend who makes you laugh. Buy yourself a small treat, it’s amazing what a favorite cup of coffee, or an ice cream cone can do! Write it down. Make a list of 10 things you’d like to do that make you happy. Even if you start doing one thing that makes you happy weekly, it’ll lighten you up, and bring new experiences into your life. Have a beautiful week!


Simply to Uplift

Hello World! Welcome to Doorstep Wisdom. You may be asking,  “What’s the message here on Doorstep Wisdom?  The idea came about as I have watched and witnessed people’s lives  my whole life, including my own! I remember when there was always someone to talk to, usually on a doorstep, a front porch, or sitting with a friendly neighbor. I believe it’s something special that’s been lost, the human connection. We are all part of it. We are the society of busyness, of “What’s next”, and “Am I ever enough? Often times, everyone is trying to cover their “To Do” lists, myself included, and we lose what’s most important. After all, being with others is what truly helps us feel secure, appreciated, and valued as a human being. Its helps us grow, and gets us through great times, and not so great ones.

So I’ve begun this blog to bring a little weekly wisdom, a friendly hello….just in case you may not feel connected at the moment. I hope that you can feel a connection here, and  be inspired, awakened, and uplifted. It’s my intention to support others in knowing that they can create changes, and find joy in their lives. It all starts from the beginning, that’s today.

Sending a smile, Sandra